50 Fans, Rainbow Shoelaces, and 2nd Place in the Writing Competition.

2008-06-25 05:15:51 by WritersBlock

As the title suggests, I now have 50 audio fans, I now have rainbow shoelaces, and a 2nd placing in the writing competition.

More details-

50 Fans:

After the release of my latest song, Utopia, I've ticked over to the half century mark. While this is nothig compared to the likes of MaestroRage or ParagonX9, or even Rig, SBB or DarKsidE555, having 50 people appreciate me as a musician makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you for listening to my music and supporting me, and I hope I can continue to compose and create, it's what I love.

Rainbow Shoelaces:
Today I bought a pair of rainbow shoelaces, which makes me awesome. They cost $2. And that money goes to fundraising for organ donors. Because being righteous and generous makes people awesome.

2nd Place in Writing Competition
I came 2nd with this story. Read more about how the competition panned out here.

OMG yay!


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2008-06-25 07:40:08

You've Got Darkness.


2008-06-25 08:13:11

congratulations on the story! Is this the one I printed out? Doesn't seem like it. I guess i'll have to print THIS one out too!

Ya basturd!

You deserve much more then 50 fans, when the spot light shines on you expect like 20 pm's a day from people asking you how you do what you do, and them take it seriously when you say "MS Paint"

fun times ahead lad, fun times!

WritersBlock responds:

Same story, although it has got me writing more fiction.

I deserve as many fans as I have, as I feel I have to earn the attention and "fan-dom". I get a couple of PM's now and again, but nothing like what I'd imagine you're getting. I'm disappointed to find that you don't really use MS Paint to do what you do. Is photoshop really that much better?

Thanks for the kind words, I can't wait to see how things go from here, myself.


2008-06-25 16:41:11

Hey congrats man! :D

You are so famous!

WritersBlock responds:

Just wait for the papparazzi to cash in on my latest drunken night out on the town. ;P


2008-06-27 11:32:19

Awesome dude! Congratulations =D
Told you your name was Writersblock for a reason? ;D

WritersBlock responds:

Don't you know it. <3<3<3<3


2008-06-28 08:37:16

now we get pizza?

WritersBlock responds:

With 17 different types of meat, and 4 layers of cheese!


2008-06-29 18:22:12

50 Fans:
i prefer Winterwind-NS.

Rainbow Shoelaces:

2nd Place in Writing Competition:
(i stooped after the first 'mayhem', you can't expect NG to have an attention span.)

WritersBlock responds:

Typical NG'er.


2008-06-29 18:22:50

Collab? i have MS Paint.

WritersBlock responds:

I have *facepalm*