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House Hunter: Epic action-adventure/fantasy novella

2013-01-09 22:14:14 by WritersBlock

I signed up to Newgrounds about five years ago now. I've always been pretty obsessed with creative shit. I hung around the audio forum for ages, then the writing forum, filling the time in my year off after high school by writing short stories and putting them up here. This was my first taste of creative writing and peer review. I practiced my skills and hung around for a few years, and eventually the Newgrounds Writing Anthology was finished and I, amongst a small group of other writers on this website, had something physical to show for my work.

Around November 2010, I started reading books from a small publisher operating out of Portland, Oregon. They were weird, radical, counter-cultural. They were the Bizarros: wild and fun and entertaining as fuck. In November 2012, they published my first book, a novella called 'House Hunter'.

I wouldn't have this book if not for them. And I wouldn't have made it that far without first starting off here. I don't get on Newgrounds nearly as much as I used to, but I still check in from time to time. If you ever want to talk writing, just get in touch with me on here, or on my blog, or something.

If you're an animator looking to try something a little different, I'd love to work with people on a book trailer, or an adaptation of a short story. I'm also open to creating new content specifically for animation, although part of me knows most animators will just come up with their stories themselves. I'll just make note that my style is bizarre and surreal, and my writing is highly visual, so, you know, something to think about.

I'm with a small press publisher now, so every sale counts, and every chance to spread the word means a great deal to me. So here's a bit about the book:

Finding a good house is a house hunter's job. If you want a great house, you need Imogen. She's the best at capturing young houses and training them to be homes. But all of her skills will be tested when the Association goes after the mythical Jabberhouse in order to breed houses in captivity. With a mysterious helper, Imogen and her house fight to stay alive and keep houses free.

A bizarro adventure, with cockroach people, spider-cars, assassins, house-fights, and a big-ass castle stomping into battle against an ancient temple. House hunting has never been so weird.

It is available from:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Book Depository
amongst other online retailers (these are the best deals I'm aware of...)

Artwork by Lauren Price
You can learn a bit more about the book through a couple of interviews here:
Jess Resides Here
Dangerous Dan's Book Blog

And yeah, I know most of you are more into gaming and movies and stuff, as opposed to reading books, but if you decide to check it out, that's awesome. If you read it, I'd love to know what you think. And if you help me to spread the word (either by sharing a link on places like facebook or twitter, writing a review up on amazon, or even just telling people you're reading a new book), I would be sincerely grateful.

Here's to hoping 2013 will be filled with weird and wonderful and fantastically creative works of art.

House Hunter: Epic action-adventure/fantasy novella


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2013-01-13 22:25:27

Wow thats incredible WritersBlock! As soon as I can afford to I will buy this. Sounds great, and congratulations for making it happen. It was only a matter of time :)

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks Gagsy. :) You'll have to let me know when you get around to reading it. I'd love to know what you think of it.

How have you been, anyway? I've been so out of touch with the Newgrounds mob for ages now. It's great to see a familiar name again. :)


2013-01-19 15:44:17

Holy shit dude, I am thoroughly impressed! Congratulation! I will import this from the Book Depository as soon as I can. If you ever need an animator, feel free to call on me.

(Updated ) WritersBlock responds:

Thanks dude. And hell yeah, if you're free to animate I'd love to work with you again. How about we do a book trailer?

Edit: If you want to do a book trailer, I'd be more than happy to send a signed copy of the book your way. I'm just waiting to receive stock so I can start doing this sort of shit. Hopefully that's not too far away.


2013-01-19 20:28:59

Oh, I would love a signed copy! I'm guessing it'll take a while for it to be completed, seeing as I still have to read the book, and then work on the animation. I'm all for it though! Sounds like fun.

WritersBlock responds:

The earlier it's out the better, as I've only got until November to make my mark and make my necessary book sales. You wouldn't necessarily have had to read the whole book to make a trailer of it. It would help, but it only really needs to convey the amount of information you'd find in the blurb. But I can send you a .pdf copy so you're not waiting around for a hardcopy, and I'll start bringing together some resource and reference material and brainstorming some ideas.


2013-01-20 10:01:58

Reference material would certainly help! I'll PM you my email address. Such a wondrous world certainly raises some questions, like the overal atmosphere. I also wonder what the people would look like, or the houses. Or the age in which they live! There's a lot of things :)